The last 2 years have been filled with new direction, new skills and lifestyle. Since the Around the World Trip, I’ve done some self exploring, realizing my own gifts and the gifts that everyone came into this world with but forgot to use.

In London England I met a medium at a Taro shop I was motivated to visit. The whole ‘way it happened’ was very interesting in that I just woke up in the morning and ‘knew’ I had to go back to a little shop I saw in a market close to where I was staying at Pax Lodge. The door was open and the woman there said she was filling in for the day for her friend who was the owner.

Her reading was interesting, my friend John came through and then she mentioned the name Dolores Cannon. I had read a couple of her books with my hypnosis training a couple of years earlier and I had heard about her from a Biomagnetism colleague who was a practitioner of Dolores’s technique, QHHT. Dolores Cannon said she wanted me to learn her technique as she liked my heart and that I would do well in helping people.

Very much honored that these words were coming through for me, the tears flowed. Patricia the medium told me to go and learn, so I bought books and watched her Youtube videos. Eventually, I managed to find a practitioner close to my home and booked a QHHT hypnosis session with her. Changed my life!!

In May 2018 I set out to Eureka Springs Arkansas and met the most wonderful people and felt immense love among the 104 participants at the HUGE level 1 training. The training was intense but the fun and joyful trainers and other participants made it fly by. It was almost as if Dolores was training, the huge video screen showing her and watching every step of the process was amazing! It was crazy how so many people said they just ‘had’ to be there, yet had never experienced a QHHT session before. It’s amazing how spirit moves us!

We had to break into groups of 3 in order to practice for 2 days. The people I was with had a great connection and to this day I still keep in contact and hope to visit with sometime.

I managed to score very well on the test, (yes TEST! Scary word, test!) and I became a Level 1 practitioner. Part of fully completing level 1 is to perform 25 hypnosis sessions with different people at no cost. Each session averages 5-6 hours and a couple of the ones I did were 8 hours in length. SO many amazing experiences, past lives, travel to other planets and space and just trying to make sense of their current lives!

I could go in to more detail here but don’t actually have time, I’m supposed to be working on a bid for my cleaning business before I leave for a level 2 Microbioenergetics training in Miami next week. Sometimes I feel like I spread myself too thin, but I’ve learned through QHHT that I need to ask for help when I need it and delegate things to my staff I employ in my cleaning business. This helps me to be able to work with people in Biomagnetism and Microbioenergetics and the other work that I do. Oh yes, I took a trance course last year also, because working with the magnets and energetically connecting with clients, I began to say helpful words to people while they were here. I called them suggestions, but now with my understanding that we are all connected energetically and we have many many helpers in the spirit world, I’m not afraid anymore to tell them that I’m hearing or I’m seeing what will help them to make their lives easier or their health better. In QHHT I’ve heard many many client’s Higher Selves say “She (or He) doesn’t listen!”

So, I’m signing off now, hoping that this WordPress program will stop the spam that I receive on this site, it really is frustrating, instead of comments on my posts, the 68 ‘comments’ were people trying to sell stuff and just gibberish. I don’t have time for that!!! Too busy helping people! Bye for now!

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