Told you on my home page that I sometimes feel things, well I'm really feeling the vibes these last couple of days! I received a shock, a darn painful one, when I placed my hand under the running tap water, then a big SNAP shutting off a light switch. I've actually felt physical internal vibration and no, it isn't pleasant. Ive been checking on Facebook and seeing others have not slept well, up at night for a few hours - it's happened to me too a few times this past week.  Makes for a LONG next day!
Anyhow, apparently these things we cannot see, such as Planetary influences (at this time it is Mercury Retrograde) and Electromagnetic waves from the sun and space are real and affect us in some way, especially those of us who are sensitive. My hubby feels nothing and he used to think I was crazy but slowly he's come around to just accept. Ticks me off when he can sleep and relax and I'm buzzing!
I came across this video this morning. It's proof I HAVE been feeling something!


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