Day 9, 10, 11 Feb. 22, 23, 24

Happy Thinking Day to my Guiding And Scouting Friends!
I could sleep in today! But not long, as I had an appointment to see a Biomagnetism Therapist called Doctora Guadalupe for a session. I hired the tour company to take me there and back.

Our last day in Mexico City. Time to repack the suitcases, go to any other place you wanted to see or just rest, a day of leisure. Nancy cleverly builds these days into the schedule so as not to burn people out, those with high energy can do what they want.
Ended up with a nice pile of clothing along with my small purchases and items I didn’t really need. The plan was to mail them home from Vancouver airport. I know I said I wouldn’t buy anything on this trip but ya know…. Making room just to be on the safe side. ( update, they arrived home safely)

I used the day after the magnet session to write a bit, visit a bit and walk a bit. Man the days fly by! We went again to the restaurant next door and I had a chicken dish which was tasty. Bedtime came at 8:00 p.m. I think everyone fell asleep.
Our alarm went off at 1:30 to wake us up for our transfer to the airport at 2:30 a.m. Man that was hard. Sabina made everyone a bag breakfast we could take with us bless her heart. She was awake to say goodbye to us. The previous day she had fallen smack on her face while heading to the market. Her lip was swollen and cut, the inside of her mouth was cut, I imagine she was still very sore. I had used my magnets on her as a trauma pair and she said it helped her and asked for the address of the therapist I went to. We had gotten her a small arrangement of flowers for her help in assisting our sick comrade the day before. This woman really goes out of their way…
We got to the airport and proceeded to wait for our flight.
A super great flight and I had a real sense of relaxation and pride as we entered Canada again. I don’t know what it is about returning to your home country soil. I imagine everyone feels the same?
Three of our group are from Vancouver and one lady took me to the 7-11 store to mail my package. It took awhile to get there as we had to check in our bags then go back out into the airport to domestic flight area then back again. The airport is absolutely beautiful! There was some snow at the top of the mountain that you could see through the glass, crisp and clear air means a crisp and clear view.
Soon we were off again on a Air Canada Boeing 777. Configuration was 3-4-3. I sat near the window next to a Japanese lady who had been visiting friends and was returning home. The next person was a woman who was participating in the Tokyo World Marathon, a huge event! She said you have to enter and be chosen (by lottery I think) as only 36,000 are allowed. It is estimated to have 1,700,000 spectators for this event. This was her 4th Marathon, I asked her why she waited to come so soon before the event? Wouldn’t jet lag affect her? She wasn’t sure but would find out.
Crossing the International date line, we skipped a day. It was now Friday Feb 24.

We landed at Narita airport around 5:00 that afternoon, cleared customs and our tour man greeted us. Some of us needed money so he took that group to the ATM while the rest of us waited near the exit doors. It was cold! The temperature was close to 0 Celsius a big change from Mexico. We also went from Mexico time which can be an hour early for an appointment to being half hour late, or something like that, you know what I mean. Here, everything runs on time. To the minute, almost. The procedure for loading the bus was interesting, we had to stand behind our luggage and were to point out our luggage and a sticky tag was put on, the matching number ripped off and we were to keep that to match up at our destination. They make sure they do it too! Very efficient.
It took 1 1/2 hours to get to our hotel, Metropolitan Hotel, a popular posh hotel according to a gentleman I spoke with. I was in a triple room, tight squeeze but we made it work. The bathroom had a deep tub, (OMG I could soak in a bath!) amenities like shaver, brush, toothbrush with paste, shower cap, q-tips. There was a Toto toilet with the bells and whistles of a bidet and post bowel movement butt wash. When you sit on it the darn thing releases water into the toilet filling it while you do your business. Purpose? I don’t know, the public bathrooms in the hotel have warm seat, the water features, along with a blow dry! Now that is a weird feeling ? Had to try it ya know! Didn’t have the patience to wait for a complete dry.
The only thing I will complain about are the pillows. Heavy feather pillows with no support and hard! The bed was firm though comfortable and I tried to settle in, hoping I wouldn’t snore and bother the others.


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