Day 3
Today we leave for Our Cabana!
As with any journey, we must be prepared for itinerary to change and it changed today. Instead of being picked up at 11:00 it was moved to 1:00 which gave us time to explore the area around Ticalli further. We ate our left overs from the Chinese restaurant then set off to the local market and others went to take in the sights. Dodging the holes in the sidewalks, we had to walk slowly and actually stop to look around. One slip or twist of an ankle would not be very good.

Boarding the small bus, it took over an hour to get out of the city and we arrived at Our Cabana in just under 3 hours. Two of our group had been here before but that didn’t matter; emotional tears fell as we stepped through the Lady Baden Powell door into the lush resort-like 5 acre property. Warm smiles of the staff greeted us and ushered us into the Craft House to assign dormitories and keys for a locker then leaving us to settle in. Bougainvillea, cactus in bloom, poinsettia and bird of paradise were pleasing to the eyes while a flock of parakeets were music to the ears. I just wanted to sit and take it in but it was soon time to meet for a tour of the property.

This is the 60th Anniversary of Our Cabana and I came to the realization that I had been here for the 40th AND the 50th Anniversary in 1997 with 1st Tillsonburg Pathfinder Group (we fundraised for almost two years for the trip!) and in 2007 when I was selected as a Leader for girls from all over Ontario on an Ontario Adventure Trip. It didn’t matter I had been here before, I was still excited to experience all again!

The welcome ceremony, (everything is a ceremony in Girl Guides /Scouts) did not disappoint. The staff is from New Zealand, Tanzania, Britain, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina and of course Mexico. Energetic, fun and caring, they are there to take care of all our needs.
We shared our dorm with 2 British Guiders who were so much fun!
I really wanted to continue meeting everyone personally, but with eyes rolling, non-stop yawning, it was time to go to bed and recover from the emotional roller coaster of the day.


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