Day 26, March 11, 2017 Old and New Delhi
The agenda for today was a full day tour of old and New Delhi. The history of this city of 18.9 million or so can be found on the internet, I didn’t keep track of those facts.
First they took us to Old Delhi where we entered Jama Masjid an Islamic Mosque that was built in the 1600’s. We had to take off our shoes and every woman had to put on a cloak covering (I saw some men wearing them to cover their knees also) and entered, admiring the architecture of this old building. Then we took a bicycle rickshaw through Old Delhi, Chandi Chowk, 2 people per rickshaw and the poor guy pumped his heart out and every once in a while would turn back and huff and puff and sounded like he said hard work. It was so interesting to see ‘life’ here in this part of the city. I have posted pictures on Facebook on the India Golden Triangle album, interesting to see monkeys, oxen, little shops, carts etc. The electricity hook ups above were an electricians nightmare! A web of wires, almost looking like steel wool! I really enjoyed this rickshaw ride even though the man was working hard. I gave him a nice tip. After all, we work at a job so we can make money, for no other reason. It took a long time for the bus to inch it’s way out of this area. The drivers helper had to get out at times and move rickshaws or just motion the driver to slowly get out of tight places. Amazing.
The Lotus Temple, a B’hai faith structure was so beautiful and peaceful with rolling hills surrounding it with gardens of trees and flowers. I had been here before and it too has changed. The entrance now takes you over and up and down stairs, along the beautiful blue pools of water surrounding the temple, which I had not noticed before, take your shoes off then up stairs again where you are lined up and taken in as a group after instructions are given to not speak, take pictures or make loud noises so as not to interrupt those meditating inside. I loved how it felt in there, peace and love. That’s all I can say.

Finally was Qutub Minar where this structure was built in 1193 with a 15 meter base to a 2.5 meter top perhaps to signify the beginning of Muslim rule. Whatever the reason, the carvings on the red sandstone are beautiful.

Lunch and dinner that day was very generous, lunch was in a restaurant serving international type food and the evening meal was in a pub style restaurant where they kept bringing more and more food! The French fries were excellent!

Full to the top we were driven back to the Bajaj Indian Homestay where I was looking forward to the next day, a day at Leisure, to sleep in, pack, repack, go out to explore Delhi on your own or take the Indian Cooking class! I couldn’t wait! I put my earplugs in as the docile daytime dogs came alive and some sort of fight was happening, barking and growling for dominance, or a piece of food….


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