Day 13 Feb 26, Tokyo Day of Leisure
Woke up several times in the night, used Whatsapp around 3:30 a.m. and chatted with Steve for a bit, using the iPhone under the covers so the light wouldn’t wake the other two up then forced myself to sleep doing a meditation. I was determined to sleep in. My room mates woke up ( I could smell coffee) and I got up around 7:00 a.m.
Today was the Tokyo World Marathon, I really wasn’t interested in it.
My neck was so tense and ached near the base of my skull. The pillow was not supportive at all. I had a headache and my face seemed to be puffier than usual, likely there was MSG in the sauce that was on the spaghetti I ate the night before. After some breakfast, finding the spa and booking a 12:00 pm massage, doing some laundry and rearranging my suitcase (again) it was time to go. She was a young girl timid and kind, we spoke in sign language and demonstrations as to how to prepare for my massage. There was a small bag with something blue in it she had directed me to use. The clear plastic was strong and when I pulled it apart there was a pair of paper panties. I held them up and wondered how I was going to fit my fat ass into them! First one leg, the other and couldn’t get them up past my thighs, damn, that was a leg not the waist. Tried two more times and finally ripped the darn things to get up and over my big butt, didn’t want to scare the poor girl. They are definitely not made for western women. I wrapped the towel around me and waited. She returned to the room with a dish of warm soapy water and instructed me to sit on the edge of the table as she washed and dried my feet. I laid down on my belly and she draped me. Finally relaxing, she applied sweet almond oil and massaged all the tension out of my muscles. Afterwards, she gave me a hot towel and left the room. Wiping off the oil, a thought came to me, my head was foggy with pressure, somewhat sore and I wrapped the towel behind the base of my skull at top of my neck, reached up holding the ends of the towel above me and gently pulled the towel one way twisting my neck to one side then the other. Snap! The vertebrae released around C1 and instant relief!
Got dressed and stood at the counter to pay ( equaled a little over $100.00 Canadian) and I was redirected to sit and have a cup of Japanese tea. What a lovely experience!
Taking the elevator back to my room, I met up with another group member and we decided to find 7-11 and get some water, food and snacks to take back to the hotel. We each bought an ice cream on a stick. No wonder my ass was/is too big for those disposable panties ?.
I filled the tub, adding YL essential oils I brought with me to the package of bath powder, dumped it in and the bubbles began to form. Chose Raphael’s “Music to Disappear Into” on my new iPad ( the four speakers sound great!) opened my can of Asahi beer, drank a bottle of water first, slipped into the tub and closed my eyes.

These are the times I cherish, in such a busy life at home, this busy non stop trip, a soothing bath and music to soar with, it does a body good. The bath wasn’t Calgon but it sure took me away. For a while at least.

I had forgotten we could check in for our flight to Tokyo. The next 1 1/2 hour was wasted on trying to do online check in on my Mobile phone. Couldn’t see the writing spaces very well, had to zoom then submit and several times there was a problem. Doing it over, it would progress to a new page with more information needing to be filled in, the Visa information. OMG it was frustrating! So much for the relaxing massage and bath! Several of our group was able to complete their check-in in no time. A couple of our ladies
had computers. I had gotten as far as being checked in but no seat assigned. That’s where I stopped. After an hour and a half.
The whole group decided to go to dinner in the hotel. A flyer had come to our room announcing this special. Suishi dinner. With sake or beer, chicken skewers with a souvenir chopstick holder.
It was a lovely restaurant and we were all seated in chairs around a long table. Not everyone had siushi but I thought it is an experience I should have. As I said on Facebook, been there, done that. My stomach had a hard time deciding whether it was going to accept it, that feeling went on for a few hours afterwards. Preparing for bed we all laid out our clothing for the next travel day, my shirt I washed and hung to dry was wrinkled, there was no iron or board in the room. Oh well, such is life.
Again I couldn’t sleep, so I texted Steve again, the kids were over on Sunday and Amy sent me a super fantastic picture of the grandkids. God I miss them. And it’s only been two weeks since I left home! Feels so much longer than that, I’ve done so much.
I woke before the 5:30 alarm.


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